On 22 June 2017, the second SELFNET Advisory Board meeting took place via web conference.

The meeting started with presentations by SELFNET’s Technical Managers, Jose M. Alcaraz Calero and Qi Wang from the University of the West of Scotland. They presented to the Board members the achievements of the last year and the plans for the next year until the end of the project.

Board members Hans Einsiedler, Senior project manager from Deutsche Telekom Laboratories; Curt Beckmann, Chief Technology Architect for EMEA at Brocade, and Gert Grammel, Network Strategy expert at Juniper, discussed the achievements and plans with the project team and provided valuable comments. Their suggestions will help the SELFNET consortium to further improve the technical results and expand the scope of exploitation for sustainable scientific and commercial impact.

Overall, the participating Advisory Board members were impressed by the work and progress of SELFNET.

Board members Sana Ben Jemaa, Research engineer on Self-Organizing Networks and Cognitive Radio from Orange Labs France, and Diego Lopez, Senior Technology Expert at Telefonica, did not attend the meeting due to other commitments.

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