Just returned from our 2nd SELFNET Review in Herzliya  (Israel) hosted by Alvarion.
On Sunday, we made the last preparations for the review event.
Monday, the first day of the Review, we presented in our live demo our achievements in the closed-loop of the Self-Protection use case to the Project Officers. We highlighted the proactive rule-based detection of a botnet communication with the help of our developed sensors in the first loop. Followed by the deployment of the deep packet inspection VNF in the second loop for confirmation. As well as the learning process and the update of the detection rules and deployment of the honeynet in the third loop.

On the second day, the more “non-technical” topics were presented such as Dissemination, Exploitation and Management issues.

The overall feedback from the reviewers was quite good and contructive that we are now happy to proceed in year 3 with the last open points such as the full integration of the self-healing and self-optimization closed-loop.

Stay tuned!

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