InnovAction: AI: overview and applications

Discover latest edition of InnovAction 2017 from our Partner Altice Labs (former PTIN): Abstract: Considering that AI “was born” in 1956 [...]

Selfnet @ MWC2018

11th Plenary Meeting


Dear all, the press release “5G-IA and 5G PPP at the Mobile World Congress” is available online . It includes information on the [...]

5GPPP Newsletter February

The latest 5G-PPP Newsflash and 5G-PPP Newsletter, prepared by To-Euro-5G, are available online at: and! Among others [...]

New Deliverables online

Check out our newly published Deliverables about the Prototypical Implementation of NFV and SDN apps for the three use cases (Self-Healing, Self-Protection and Self-Optimization) and the [...]

Selfnet Industry Workshop

You are an operator or vendor and involved in network management? Then you shouldn’t miss our Industry Workshop! For more info see:

A View on 5G Architecture – Version 2

SELFNET Inside! The 5GPPP Architecture Working Group released in Dec 2017 the 2nd version of the whitepaper View on 5G Architecture. This paper highlights the key 5G architecture design [...]

10th Plenary Meeting

SELFNET at FUSECO / Berlin 5G Week

Selfnet attend the 8th FOKUS FUSECO Forum at Fraunhofer FOKUS, Berlin, Germany, which was part of the Berlin 5G week. This year FUSECO looked at the benefits and risks of this emerging [...]